About Us

Today’s society is highly networked. Internet is ubiquitous and world without it is just in-conceivable. As is rightly said that there are two sides of a coin, this blessing in form of ease in access to world of information also has a flip side to it. Devils are lurking in dark to work their stealth. Each click of button takes you closer to them. Recent surveys have shown a phenomenal rise in cyber crime with in short span. Today, cyber crime is just not restricted to e mail hacking but has dug its claws in each e-interaction, producing demons like call spoofing, credit card fraud, child pornography, phishing, remote key logging etc.

Good wins over evil and so is the time for Cyber Avenger to fight for your rights and to provide you your well deserved e-privacy and security. Today grieved Parties do not pay any attention to such issues, avoiding the same due to lack of awareness on repercussions. On the other hand lack of effective Cyber crime experts in the Administrative machinery led Hackers to commit such crimes without any threat of drastic actions. These Loop holes have paved way to the formation of –“Cyber Crime Cell Rajasthan" envisaged by Mukesh Choudhary, a young entrepreneur and Cyber Crime Expert with his dedicated team. They will not only create mass awareness but will also guide toward the right direction leading to “Safe Cyber Society- Safe India" by solving Cyber Crime cases.

With the vision to create a multidisciplinary centre of excellence enhancing cyber security /safety we, a group of entrepreneurs equipped with the basic inputs to fight these threats have launched this project to serve the people grieved and stricken by these issues. Through this website we have created a platform to provide solution to the same, helping and zeroing the threats thereon:

Vision & Objective
To reach our goal we have following Vision & plan:
  • Website based information hosting on cyber Security so as to improve awareness and avoid victimization.
  • Create a Platform for disseminating information about the need of information security and the ways to achieve the same.
  • Promote collaborations amongst the IT industry, academia and concerned citizens to address Cyber Crime and its related issues.
  • Develop Information security Infrastructure within Rajasthan & across with the help of the Administrative machinery.
  • Facilitate Cyber Crime Investigation trainings amongst the Police Department.
  • Act as a resource centre for Public and Police helping in solving Cyber Crime issues.
  • Provide a platform for Cyber grieved parties to raise there queries and solution thereon.
  • Provide a platform for the Cyber grieved parties to get prompt solutions to their problems in-house and even with the Police interventions under the cyber Laws.
We are a private consulting firm, by this website we extend our first step to the cause of a SAFE CYBER SOCIETY.