Reporting Internet Fraud

Digital evidence is fragile and can easily be lost. For example
  • It can change with usage.
    It can be maliciously and deliberately destroyed or altered.
    It can be altered due to improper handling and storage.
  • For these reasons, evidence should be carefully retrieved and preserved. Also consider that for investigating offences involving the Internet, time, date, and time zone information may prove to be very important.
There are two situations complainant may face
  • Crime is likely to be committed.
  • Crime is already committed.

In the first case, the information may be informed to the local police of your jurisdiction or it may be informed to the Cyber Crime Cell in so that incident may be averted.

In the second case, most of the financial frauds are dealt in IPC only hence the complaint may be given either in the Local police station or in the CCS.

As the case committed in Cyber environment it is not sufficient to give complaint only, but you may provide following information mentioned below
  • E-mail messages related to the investigation.
  • Other e-mail addresses.
  • Sender information.
  • Content of the communications.
  • IP addresses.
  • Date and time information.
  • User information
  • Attachments.
  • Passwords.
  • Application logs that show evidence of spoofing.