Safe Banking Tips

Protect yourself from Phishing
  • Never reply to e-mails asking for your password or PIN
  • Visit bank's websites by typing the URL into the address bar
  • Verify the domain name displayed to avoid spoof websites before using Internet Banking
  • Never give away your account or card details for free gifts
Protect your Money
  • Check that the site is secure before shopping online
  • Protect your Internet password
  • Never use unprotected PCs at cyber cafes for Internet banking
  • Never leave the PC unattended when using Internet banking in a public place
  • Log off' and close your browser when you've finished using Internet banking
  • Never install, run or use programs or files obtained from unknown sources
Protect your PIN
  • Never let a stranger assist you at the ATM
  • Protect your Money
  • Count the money and put it in your wallet before leaving the ATM
  • Report lost or stolen credit card immediately
  • Check your monthly credit card and bank statements for unusual activity
Protect your Savings
  • Never keep your PIN and cards together
  • Always draw a line through unused space on the cheque
  • Never leave your cheque book unattended
  • Never sign blank cheques
  • Remember to cross your cheque whenever applicable
  • Count the number of cheque leaves whenever you receive a new cheque book