UK Jobs And Visa Frauds

  • There are many attempted frauds at present, often by email, targeting Indian citizens, faking an UK connection.

  • Most offers sent unsolicited by email are fraudulent.

  • People who send share offers by email are often fraudsters.

  • Any person or company who asks for bank account details online, or by phone are usually fraudsters

  • Think about your “recruitment procedure”. Very few genuine UK companies would offer a job by email. Genuine companies have a rigourous selection procedure, which would normally involve a face-to-face interview.

  • How were you contacted by the UK Company? If you happen to meet an employee in an internet chat-room, who subsequently offered you employment, then this is very likely to be a fraudulent offer.

  • A genuine email from an official member of staff never is from a “hotmail or Yahoo” type email account.

  • Genuine UK company web-sites may be detailed within the scam, but the contact email details will be false.

  • British Government does not send unsolicited emails with the job offers, either directly or through agents. Any such approach is likely to be from fraudsters.

  • The UK government does not administer or charge for “additional services” such as Travel Insurance, Health Screening checks, Police checks, Home land security checks etc. Any such charges are indicators of likely fraud.

What to do if you have received a scam email?
  • You should not pay any money

  • You should not have any further contact with them. It might be tempting to enter into a dialogue with a foreigner, however, you MUST not. These people are professional criminals, they will seek to exploit you. Even if you do not pay them any money, they might seek to steal or abuse your identity. Your best defense against these people is to ignore them and delete any emails that you have received from them.

  • If you are still approached by these guys, report to your Cyber Crime Cell/Police Station nearby.